Have a question or found a bug? The preffered method of contacting me would be through the DVD Flick forums.

Reporting a bug

If you've found a bug and would like to report it, please follow these guidelines:

  • Try to describe in detail the steps needed for me to reproduce the bug. This makes finding the cause much easier.
  • Try to supply used source material if possible, as long as it is legal to distribute it.
  • If possible, try to extract a small portion of the source material using a program like VirtualDub.
  • Try to include any log files genereated by DVD Flick in either the project's destination folder or in Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\DVD Flick. errorlog.txt and dvdflick.log are the most important.
  • If you decide to contact me by email (which is not preferred) keep in mind that receiving a reply can take several weeks, if ever. So please be patient. I get a lot of emails about DVD Flick and often prefer to spend the time actually working on the program.
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